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How to be a SEO content writer? Guidelines and Example

Many are saying that SEO content writing is hard. Many say it will take too much time to write SEO content. There’s nothing hard if you have the dedication and you know the guidelines for SEO content writing. If you are an SEO content writer or want to be an SEO content writer here are the guidelines for SEO content writing.

What is SEO content writing?

To easily understand what SEO content writing means, let us give the meaning of each word.

When we say “SEO”, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a process of optimizing a website to increase the visibility of your website in search engines like Google.

Content means any information, facts, ideas, or images that are in the books, articles, web, etc.

Lastly, when we say writing, it is the art of using symbols to communicate the writer’s ideas, information, thoughts, etc. to the audience in a readable form.

Let us put these 3 concepts together, SEO content writing is writing content intending to increase visibility and rank on the first page of search engines like Google.

How important SEO content writing is?

In this digital age, people are quick to use Google in searching for information, products, services, etc. This means that if your website appears first in result in the search engine the more chances that your website will be visited. According to the newly published study, 28.5% of people searching on Google click the first organic result. So, your goal is to make your website to be one of the first result people will see.

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Furthermore, SEO content writing is important because once your website ranks on the first page of Google for your target keywords, your website will be recurring, and free which will help your search engine traffic.

8 Guidelines for effective SEO content writing

1. Determine your goals

First and foremost, determine your goals for creating content. Your goals will help you to decide on what type of content, and how you should create and outline your content. If you are trying to promote a product or service your content should be attractive and informative. The tone of your content should illustrate how you feel about the product or service and how you want your readers to feel.

2. Write content for your audience

Think about who would you like to visit and read your content. Who is your target audience, is it teens, mothers, adults, professionals, athletes, etc.? Your content should be appealing to your target audience. Know the taste of your target audience so your content would be appealing and attractive to them.

3. Create an outline in SEO content writing

To make your SEO content writing easier and faster you should create an outline. First, let us define what is an outline in content writing. “Outline” serves as your map and guide for your SEO content writing. It will present a picture of the main ideas, subsidiary ideas, headings, and sub-headings.

4. Make a headline that is jam-pack

Headline is essential in SEO as it will help your article or blog, land in top results in search engines such as Google. To make a good headline you must include your target keyword. These target keywords will help your page increase its appearance on SERP. Make your headline clear, interesting, and appealing to your audience.

5. Write a draft of your content

Writing a draft of your content will make you put your ideas first and later rewrite them. By doing this you can review and modify your content and think if your content is clear, appealing, and attractive to your audience.

Sometimes, your audience might feel bored reading long articles or blogs, so to make your content interesting and engage with your audience, it is a good habit to use bulleted lists, photos, or videos.

Another important thing to consider in SEO content writing is your grammar. You can use an application to help you check if your grammar is correct or spelling.

6. Make your content long

Making your content long allows you to broaden your topic and target a range of keywords. By doing this, you can expect a high possibility for your page to rank on search engines like Google.

7. Use relevant keywords

Do not write content without knowing the right keyword to put on your content. Search for the basic keyword that is relevant to your topic or to what you intend to present to your audience.

Check for popular keywords and pick the best keyword for your content.

8. Reread your content

Rereading your draft content will help you to pick up the threads of your content and check whether you are writing your content smoothly.

Example of SEO Content Writing

By examining how other brands and websites achieve their goals through SEO writing, you can gain valuable insights into effective strategies. With that in mind, here are some exceptional examples of SEO content writing to inspire your content production team and guide your efforts.

Eye-Catching Titles

Every SEO piece you create for your website should have the ability to distinguish itself among countless other options. Therefore, the title plays a vital role as it provides the initial impression to potential readers. It is essential to ensure that your title makes a meaningful impact in all the desired aspects.

An effective technique for creating impactful headlines is to incorporate specific numbers. Numbers serve as a preview for readers, setting clear expectations and assuring them that the content will provide organized information with a specific number of solutions.

Appropriate Tone

The tone of your SEO writing always holds significance when aiming to engage a specific audience and demonstrate how your product can serve as the solution they are seeking. However, it becomes particularly crucial when positioning highly personal products as the answer to fulfill a consumer’s desires.

Great Readability

We can all relate to the experience of visiting a webpage in search of information, only to feel overwhelmed by the excessive amount of content presented.

Such overwhelming experiences often prompt visitors to seek the information they need elsewhere, even if the initial website had the potential to provide answers to their questions.

The SEO writing example from SEO Masters Mind illustrates the significant impact that writing for readability can have.

The content is not only clear and concise, but it is also formatted in a manner that facilitates easy skimming, reading, and comprehension.

What is an SEO Copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is a professional well-versed in the art of SEO copywriting, proficient in implementing best practices and standards to drive website traffic through their writing.

Additionally, SEO copywriters specialize in various types of copy, including product pages, emails, and various marketing and sales materials.

An SEO copywriter differs from a traditional content writer as their primary focus lies in converting leads, rather than creating educational or informative articles.

A content team can collaborate to achieve the same objectives by combining the skills of a traditional content writer and an SEO copywriter.